Are you facing up to a big change, things unravelling, or getting into conflict with yourself or others?
I will help.
It’s surprising how quickly people allow themselves to go in a more productive direction once we meet.

The Magic Is Pinning Down The One Thing That’s Getting In The Way



“They threw my reputation under the metaphorical bus, sending my family with it.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me move on and feel stronger than ever.”


“It was like an epiphany.

Suddenly I could see all the BS and knew what I needed to change.”


“Without Barry’s compassion and questioning, challenges I’ve faced would not have been overcome without significant fallout and commercial and reputational damage.”

About Me

I’m a straight-talking British people development professional, specialised in helping high achievers turn around unproductive situations.

Over more than 20 years I’ve provided a sounding-board and strategic thinking partner to people from many cultures and industries around the world.

My clients include political figures and celebrities navigating the pressures of public life, NGO’s in war torn countries at war within their own ranks, and business executives sensing their time may be up but unsure what’s next.

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Trusted Confidant

For those on the edge of a personal precipice, or facing an imminent block. A deep, confidential one-to-one relationship, helping you realise and release unproductive patterns of behaviour whilst bolstering your established strengths.

Mediation & Facilitation

No-nonsense, practical and pragmatic intervention that cuts through the rhetoric. Moves quickly from “problem” to “potential”, building agreed strategies. Engaging all parties to co-create enduring productive relationships.

My Personal Epiphany

I sat in a rooftop bar in Hong Kong at midnight, downing cocktails.

I was at the top of my game but I felt the loneliest you could ever imagine, rolling from one toxic relationship or situation to another.

I had nobody I could genuinely trust to confide in, without exposing my imposter syndrome and making my position vulnerable.

I’d seen four airports in four days and my credit card had just been declined. Something had to give.

I had to find a way to go in a more productive direction.